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Lee High School
Michigan High School Athletic Association
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Administrative Responsibilities: Fulfill all duties assigned by the Varsity Head Coach, JV Head Coach, and Athletic Department Enforce and abide by all MHSAA rules and restrictions Enforce rules and regulations concerning the conditioning of players and their health and safety Attend all required Athletic Department and program meetings Actively participate in and cooperate with the Athletic Boosters Abide by all relevant School Board policies and administrative guidelines Participate in pre-season parent meetings related to the program Assist the JV Head Coach in maintaining a complete and accurate team roster Responsibly manage and maintain school facilities by ensuring that all doors, windows, gates have been properly locked and secured after a team activity Help develop sound public relations within the program by cooperating with the media, school representatives, parents, officials, opposing coaches, booster clubs, & other entities Report injuries to the Athletic Department promptly and exercises great care in dealing with all injuries Develop respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior, language, and conduct Foster school spirit by promoting all sports at Lee Middle & High School Dress appropriately for games, practices, and other school/athletic functions. Coaching Responsibilities: Ensure that players are properly supervised at all times while participating in a practice, tryout, open gym, meeting, or other team related activity Assist in planning all practice sessions with specific training objectives Attend all scheduled practices, games, meetings, and other team events Maintain suitable sideline control during all games, practices, and other team activities. Offseason Responsibilities: Assist in the efforts of the Varsity Head Coach to develop youth athletes in Lee High School feeder schools including Godfrey-Lee Early Childhood Center, Godfrey Elementary, and Lee Middle School Actively participate in out of season camps, clinics, workouts, leagues, and other activities related to all levels of the program Abide by all MHSAA rules and regulations related to out of season activity


Preferred Qualifications: Two (2) years of successful coaching as a head or assistant coach or eq